Military Committee 5+5 Announce Opening Of Coastal Highway Linking Libya West Region To The East.

Sirte, The Miliatry Committee 5+5 Friday announced re-opening of the coastal highway linking Libya’s western region to the east.
The Committee issued a statement reassured users of the highway that it was under control of the Security Arrangement Committee of the 5+5 Committee, which will undertake all security measures with professionalism and neutrality to ensure traffic safety.
The Committee said no military convoys would allowed to use the highway on the section stretching from Abu Grain checkpoint to Al Thalatine checkpoint.
It appealed to bodies to coordinate with the committee in advance in regard to movement of official figures and fuel on the highway.
It said a number of officers have assigned to monitor compliance with the measures agreed upon, and a call has been issued to the UN Mission to take measures to put international observers on the ground to support the Libyan control mechanism.
The Committee called on the Government of National Unity to expedite appointment of a defence minister.
It said it has already started measures to get mercenaries and foreign fighters out of Libyan soil, and called on all countries to implement UN Security Council resolutions calling for withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters, and the outcome of Berlin 1 and 2.

Source: Libyan News Agency