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Tripoli Revolutionaries' battalion renews pledges and loyalty to the martyrs.

Tripoli Revolutionaries’ battalion renews pledges and loyalty to the martyrs.Wednsday , 27-01-2016 – 19:53:00

Tripoli, 27.01.2016(Lana) Members of Tripoli Revolutionaries’ battalion renewed commitment and pledge to be loyal to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for libya. In a statement last night they reaffirmed that Islam is the religion of the Libyan people, and Islamic sharia is the main and sole source of legislation and any law contradicting sharia deemed null and void. They also stressed that Libyan sovereignty will neither be compromised nor subject to negotiation, underlining that imposing a government by the international community is tantamount to occupation of the country and violation of its sovereignty. The statement underscored that revolutionaries of the eastern region in Benghazi, Derna and Ejdabya are the mainstay and protagonist of February revolution and indeed defenders of its principles and that revolutionaries of the south and the western region are the safety valve of the country. The statement said the so-called Daesh and Hafter projects are but terrorist projects and a counter revolution created to abort the revolution of the people against the tyranny of the tyrant. The revolutionaries categorically rejected foreign intervention in all its forms and threats and intimidation slogans are not acceptable and they are but a failed attempt to create new form of occupation. =Lana=