The Lebanese Center for Justice, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University’s third branch in the Dahr El Ain region, organized today a conference under the headline, ‘Children of Gaza in the Scales of Human Justice’, in which Lebanese and international experts in the field of human rights participated in the presence of Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Al-Makary, and several prominent figures and officials.

In his delivered word, Minister Makary referred to the difficult and painful experiences witnessed ever since the Gaza war broke out in October, pointing as well to the martyr journalist Issam Abdallah and the six other media professionals who were injured as a result of the Israeli enemy’s aggression.

‘The issue is related to international justice. I am not a legal person, but as a Minister of Information, I would like to talk about what happened with us in this particular case. On October 16, that is, three days after the assassinat
ion of Issam Abdallah, the Director of UNESCO issued a statement regarding martyr Abdallah, denouncing his death and calling for a transparent and complete investigation, and also denouncing the killing of Palestinian journalists Saeed Al-Taweel, Muhammad Sobh and Hisham Al-Nawaja, and demanding an independent investigation, while condemning the killing of the Israeli journalist and calling for a full investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice’ Makary said.

‘This is a statement issued by UNESCO and not by any party related to the war. Here is my question to you: Where is international justice after we have seen all the international organizations and heads of Western countries standing by these crimes and genocide?’ he wondered.

‘I no longer believe in the existence of international justice, but I have faith in two components: the resistance and the media,’ Makary went on, considering that ‘nothing will expose Israel’s heinous crimes except the media through reporting the truth as it is, with re
sponsibility and transparency.’

‘There is no need to exaggerate matters and give false news, for it is all there in front of you. The killing of children is part of the history of Israel and is not new at all. We have grown old with this news that is hundreds of years old…From here I say that the media may be the only one that can move the global conscience and the peoples against their regimes. Nothing can end this war except the fall of some regimes and their change of opinion,’ he maintained.

Makary stressed that Palestine has become a humanitarian issue, as we have reached a point where neutrality is forbidden. ‘We are either with humanity, morals, humanity, culture, and the future, or we are with deviation, killing, bloodshed and the murder of children,” he underlined.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon