Former Progressive Socialist Party Chief and MP, Walid Jumblatt, called for solidarity and unity of position in these difficult circumstances, stressing the necessity of not being drawn into war and warning that the coming days are tough.

Referring to the ongoing war on Gaza, Jumblatt saluted the steadfastness of the Palestinian people who are facing the Israeli machine of killing and destruction, expressing at the same time his fear against the continuation and expansion of the war in the region.

“The situation today may be much more difficult than what we went through during the siege and invasion of Beirut, so we ask for solidarity and unity of voice and word,” Jumblatt reiterated.

He added: “Today, unlike in the past, we do not have any ability to change the decisions of countries, as they have their own calculations, and we see how an entire people is being sacrificed despite major demonstrations, especially in the West. Yet, the decision appears to be to complete the siege of Gaza and its destructio
n, and God knows what will be the fate of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.”

“We hope today that we will not be dragged into war,” Jumblatt cautioned, stressing that “we should not be lured, and the matter is up to the resistance team and to Israel…”

“When we see the huge number of fleets, one has to think that something is coming. When war begins, no one can control its end…This is a historical rule!” Jumblatt asserted.

He went on to emphasize that at the internal scene, it would have been better if there had been a minimum level of national unity and a president…”Today, there is a dispute over the appointment of an army commander. Our army is steadfast, large, and necessary. But I do not understand the differences over a presidency that may or may not come,’ he underlined.

On another note, Jumblatt criticized the release of the suspect or the accused of killing the Irish soldier in the incident that occurred a year ago in the south, deeming it a “huge mistake”. He said, “If there i
s an entire people, with its leaders and politicians, that stand by the Palestinian and Arab cause, it is the Irish people…!’

Jumblatt’s words came during his visits today, accompanied by PSP Head, MP Taymour Jumblatt, Druze Judge Sheikh Gandhi Makarem, MPs Akram Chehayeb and Hadi Abu Al-Hassan, and senior partisans, to the towns of Choueit, Baalshmeih, and Abadieh, where he met with prominent figures and Druze religious clerics.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon