Wednesday, 19/2/2020 | 12:24 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


PRETORIA, -- South African President Jacob Zuma has welcomed a decision by African Union (AU) leaders to launch peace mediation efforts to resolve the political and security crisis in Libya.

The president was in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, where he attended an emergency AU meeting on Libya Tuesday. The Islamic State, or Daesh, militants are exploiting the instability in Libya to launch attacks in neighbouring countries like Chad and Mali.

African leaders agreed on a new plan of action to foster political dialogue among Libya's warring factions. Zuma said it was in the continent's interest to have a stable and secure Libya.

"All of us should pull together to find a solution and inter-act with the Libyans. Government institutions should be persuaded to come together. As Africans, we should take leadership on the Libyan question. That's the important position the AU has taken."

Since the toppling of Muammar Gaddhafi in 2011, Libya has become one of the most unstable countries in Africa. Human traffickers use the country as a transit point to smuggle migrants to Europe.

Terrorist group ISIS has established bases across Libya to recruit and train its operatives while the United Nations-backed government in Tripoli has splintered into warring factions which have rebuffed diplomatic efforts to cease fire and embrace the peace negotiation process.

The escalation of the crisis in Libya has now forced African leaders Zuma to convene the emergency meeting which was aimed at crafting new strategies to prevent Libya from sliding further into crisis.

Source: Nam News Network