Saturday, 4/4/2020 | 8:20 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – VP/HR – Surveillance and intervention in Libya – E-002717/2016

The US Administration and Germany are financing the expansion of electronic surveillance on the border between Tunisia and Libya. The Commission intends to offer the Tunisian Government funding amounting to EUR 25 million to reform the security sector, including border security. According to a report in The Washington Post, the US Administration is aiming to mount attacks on Libya using armed drones flying out of the Sigonella air base in Sicily. In February a US jet fighter bombed suspected members of Islamic State in Sabratha.

1. What does the High Representative or the European External Action Service know about the rules for operations in Libya by US unmanned aircraft flying out of Sicily and about the conditions being imposed by the Italian Government?

2. To what extent do surveillance and reconnaissance data or other information gathered by ships, submarines, or aircraft assigned to the EU Eunavfor MED military operation find their way to US authorities (for instance via the EU internal coordinating body, in which NATO is apparently also involved), enabling such information to be used to prepare for operations in, or air strikes on, Libya?

3. In what way and through which EU departments and/or institutions (agencies/officials/directorates-general) are the EEAS and/or the Commission supporting border security in Tunisia (on the borders with Libya or Algeria, say, or in the Mediterranean)?