Sunday, 12/7/2020 | 8:15 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Written question – VP/HR – Situation in Libya – E-004633/2016

According to information published online(1), five years after the fall of Gaddafi regime, Libya remains rudderless. Following NATO intervention, power has been polarized between the city of Misrata to the west and the forces led by General Haftar to the east. To date the agreement regarding a national unity government concluded in March under UN auspices has remained a dead letter.

The resulting chaos has allowed the Islamic State to move in and take possession of the city of Sirte on the central Libyan coast. At the same time, between 450 000 and 800 000 Africans (according to various estimates), most of them refugees, are trapped in Libya waiting to cross to Europe.

The refugee problem, compounded by fears that, with Syria and Iraq on the verge of collapse, the Islamic State will transfer its centre of operations to Libya, is a cause of intense anxiety, while speculation regarding possible European military intervention continues to grow

In view of this:

Can the VP/HR intend to recommend to the Council direct intervention by EU forces in the area? If so, what will their mission objective be and what resources will they be given to achieve it?