Monday, 6/4/2020 | 1:02 UTC+0
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Written question – VP/HR – Qatar-Gulf diplomatic crisis – P-004113/2017

Recently, and unexpectedly, several Arab states, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and have imposed a blockade on the country. The abovementioned Arab states claim that they made this move against Qatar because the Qataris have been supporting jihadi movements across the Middle East and that they have been encouraging extremism in the region, particularly in Syria and Libya. In this context, it is important to note that the diplomatic rift between Qatar and its Arab neighbours may have negative economic consequences in terms of trade and investments, not only for all parties concerned but also for the global economy since all the parties concerned are major global exporters of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the diplomatic rift will further destabilise and complicate the political situation in an already fragile region.

What actions will the VP/HR take to de-escalate tensions and resolve the ongoing diplomatic rift between Qatar and its Arab neighbours?

What steps will the VP/HR take to promote regional cooperation in order to find long-term solutions to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East?