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Written question – Link between the drugs trade and terrorism – E-005126/2016

According to a 2016 European report on drugs, illicit drug production and trafficking remains one of the largest and most profitable criminal markets in Europe. At the same time, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction states that the market in psychotropic substances is directly linked to other sectors of organised criminal activity (illegal trade in weapons, illicit trafficking of human beings) and terrorism. Supplying drugs is used as a means of funding terrorism and is likely to play an integral role in the illegal smuggling of migrants. EU officials say that ISIS’ turnover typically amounts to billions of dollars a year thanks to its drug trade.

Given that Greek authorities recently tracked down a drugs shipment of 26 million pills, destined for jihadists in Libya:

Does the Commission have specific figures from drug trafficking rings identified across the EU which point to the link between the drugs trade and terrorist action by ISIS?
How will it evaluate those figures in business terms, in cooperation with Europol and Member States’ police authorities, with a view to tracking down cross-border criminal alliances, which pose an increasingly significant threat to the EU’s internal security?
What is the extent of the link between the drugs trade and the illegal smuggling of migrants?