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Written question – Central Mediterranean migration route – E-003055/2016

In a statement made before a hearing held by the Italian Chamber of Deputies’ Schengen committee on 13 April 2016, General Paolo Serra, Military Adviser to the UN Special Representative in Libya, Martin Kobler, asserted that there were a million potential migrants in Libya and that they could pose a threat to security, as there could be sleeper cells among them. General Serra also highlighted how this situation was being driven by an employment shortfall resulting from the crisis in the oil industry, and suggested that restoring the country’s economic, agricultural and industrial fabric should be treated as a priority.

1. The already alarming situation in the central Mediterranean will soon be exacerbated by the arrival of migrants who would otherwise have taken the now-closed Balkan routes. Does the Commission not agree that the EU institutions should take immediate action to address this problem?

2. Does it believe that decisive action should be taken to tackle the root cause of migration by doing as General Serra suggested and improving conditions in Libya, in order to encourage people to stay?

3. Should a substantial new wave of migration occur, how does the Commission plan to help front-line countries, such as Italy, to deal with it?