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Written question – Acute problems of refugees and migrants – E-004422/2016

The application of the unacceptable EU-Turkey deal which tramples on the rights of refugees under foot, has established closed borders, trapped people, grants asylum in dribs and drabs, deports and creates poor living conditions.

Although the number of refugees arriving at the shores of the islands in the Aegean from Turkey may have dropped, it has caused a sharp increase in the number of refugees arriving in Italy from the coast of Libya, with many losing their lives on the way. The networks of traffickers, which are still very much in place, are expanding their activities and increasing their gains by using the very Union mechanisms which are supposed to be fighting them.

The competition among groups of companies and the interests of the various capitalist states are intensifying, feeding imperialist wars which generate refugees. This is the inhuman result of the decisions made by the EU and its allies, the US and NATO which the Syriza-ANEL coalition government signs without a moment’s thought.

In view of this:

What is the Commission’s position on the acute problems of the refugees and migrants?

— Why and on what basis does it refuse:

to ensure the immediate and safe transportation of refugees and migrants to their destination and to recognise refugee status for all those who come from countries attacked by the imperialists?
to allow the creation of open, humane, state-organised accommodation centres?