Monday, 20/1/2020 | 2:13 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

WFP Welcomes New European Union Support for Chadian Returnees and Host Communities

N’DJAMENA: The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a donation of €1.1 million (US$1.25 million) from the European Union to support the reintegration of thousands of Chadian returnees who have fled violence in the Central African Republic, as well as vulnerable host communities.

It is the first funding WFP has received from the European Union’s Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace (ICSP), set up to respond to crises, prevent conflicts and consolidate peace. WFP will assist over 80,000 returnees (60 percent of them children) and 320,000 people from the host communities through a food voucher programme, which will enable them to buy and choose the food that they need in the local markets, strengthening at the same time the local economy and local agricultural production.

“This funding is important to WFP, as it enables us to reach out to both returnees and host communities with food assistance on a larger scale for the first time. Returnees and host communities have been sharing strained resources and infrastructure for several years now. This assistance will help strengthen communities’ cohesion and resilience, and building peace,” said WFP Chad Acting Country Director Peter Musoko.

Chad continues to be affected by cyclical crises on its own territory (droughts, floods, health epidemics) and by conflict in neighbouring countries (Central African Republic, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya), with the consequent influx of refugees and returnees.

The arrival of over 80,000 returnees from C.A.R. with little or no resources has been putting considerable pressure on infrastructure and services, and on host communities who have been struggling to recover from reoccurring crises.

The €1.1 million is part of a €7 million donation from the European Union, which enables United Nations agencies and partners (including, FAO, IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP) to respond in a concerted way and address the different needs of the returnees and host communities during an 18-month period (January 2015 – July 2016).

The Government of Chad has developed a Global Response Plan to support the reintegration of returnees, which is supported by WFP. WFP provided food assistance to over 77,000 returnees up until December 2014, and cash vouchers to 30,000 returnees and vulnerable local populations each month from March to December 2014.