Wednesday, 19/2/2020 | 5:02 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Water Resources Board warn of digging wells to get rid of water due to rain falls.

Tripoli, Water Resources Board warned against digging wells to get rid of water accumulating due to rain falls. Media and Sensitization department at the board warned in a statement posted on its website against the risks and dire consequences of such actions which it said would pollute the country's underground water. It stressed that such measures would lead to environmental and health hazard for those who use underground water as drinking or washing water, because pond water contains poisonous chemicals and organic material and microbes. It said treating such source of water would be difficult if not impossible due to its wide spread and the cost of its treatment would be expensive. The board explained that such resources would be a trust that should be safeguarded for the coming generations and it is a duty to ration its use and safeguard it from depletion and pollution. It warned the public not to dig wells and use them as sanitations no matter what the quality of such water. It urged municipal councils, civil society organizations working environmental issues to prevent such acts and work for the preservation of underground water from pollution.

Source: Libya News Agency