Wednesday, 23/9/2020 | 9:15 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Vienna conference discusses stability in Libya and reviving Syria peace talks.

Vienna, Vienna is to host Monday Vienna conference on Libya to be chaired by President of the Presidency Council of the National Accord Government, Fayez Saraj to be followed on Tuesday by Syria's Support group, with the participation of the USA, EU and Arab League . Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentolini and US Secretary of State being co-organizers of the meeting are to take part along with the foreign ministers of countries concerned with the Libyan crisis and Secretary General of the Arab League. The participants in the meeting are to discuss Libyan crisis developments, during which they will offering full support to the Presidency Council of the GNA and its decisions. The conference is also to discuss measures that could help restore stability to Libya, and support the political track and help the UN and International community supported national unity government led by Fayez Saraj to exert its authority in the country and counter terrorism. It also aims at strengthening the government ability to stand up to illegal immigration that set off from Libya towards Europe, an important issue for Austria in particular. The two meetings are expected to be attended by 17 foreign ministers and to be held under the auspices of the US and Russian foreign ministers.

Source: Libyan News Agency