The Turkish intelligence announced the killing of a prominent leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in a security operation it carried out in Sinjar region, northern Iraq.

The Turkish intelligence stated in a media circular today that the leader of the PKK organization called / Masoud Jalal Othman, nicknamed / Zagros Cikdar / was followed some time ago and was besieged by an intelligence force when he was on his way to participate in a meeting of the organization in Sinjar, where he was killed.

Turkish intelligence indicated that Othman was playing a major role in organizing the Sinjar region, as he was recruiting Syrian youth by force and was also issuing instructions to launch attacks on Turkish forces.

Othman moved from Syria to Iraq in 2018, and became a prominent leader in the (PKK/KCK-YBS) organization in the Sinjar region. He was imposing his control over the local population using force and intimidation.

On the other hand, the Turkish Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, announced the killing of the leader of the PKK organization, Goven Ozjan, who participated in operations that killed 10 and injured 11 of the gendarmerie inside Turkey.

The Turkish Minister of Interior said, on his account on social media today, that the terrorist, nicknamed “Ridur Cesar”, participated in 4 terrorist operations and is listed on the wanted gray list. He was neutralized in a clash with the Turkish security forces yesterday, Thursday, in Hezan district of Bitlis state, southeastern Turkey .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency