The death toll of Israeli soldiers has risen to 24 since the start of the ground attack on Gaza


Baghdad – The Zionist entity’s army announced today, Friday, the killing of four of its soldiers during clashes with the Palestinian resistance in the northern Gaza Strip, bringing the number of its deaths since the start of its ground attack on the Strip to 24.

Hebrew media reported that the total number of officers and soldiers killed had risen to 335 since the start of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7th.

On more than one axis, the Palestinian resistance clashed with the occupation forces that entered the Gaza Strip with armored vehicles and bulldozers, using machine guns and anti-tank missiles, with the occupation announcing the start of the “third phase” in the war on Gaza.

The Palestinian Information Center reported that the resistance carried out counterattacks on Thursday evening in the axis northwest of Gaza City, resulting in the destruction of 6 tanks, two troop carriers, and a bulldozer.

The resistance also targeted soldiers barricaded inside a building with a TBG shell, causing losses among the ranks of the occupation forces.

The Zionist entity continues its air, sea, and land bombardment of the Gaza Strip amid a siege imposed on the Strip, and prevents the entry of vital aid, which increases the complexity and danger of the humanitarian situation to the lives of civilians.”/End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency