MoHAP hosts 7th UAE International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance


DUBAI: The UAE is taking a significant step forward in the global fight against antibiotic resistance by hosting the 7th UAE International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance (ICAMR), which will begin tomorrow.

Organised by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Emirates Health Services (EHS), and the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, the conference is set to take place in Dubai on 23rd and 24th February.

The event aims to foster an environment conducive to expertise sharing and discussion, promote advancements in health services, and emphasise the importance of continuous education and innovation in healthcare. Held under the patronage of Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, the conference is expected to draw over 600 professionals, including doctors, consultants, nurses, and technicians from the UAE and 18 other countries.

Additionally, 15 leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies dedi
cated to the fight against antimicrobial resistance will participate. The conference will feature more than 38 international experts delivering 32 specialised lectures and engaging participants in interactive workshops.

Dr. Najiba Abdul Razzaq, Conference Chair and Consultant of Internal Medicine at Kuwait Hospital in Dubai, part of Emirates Health Services (EHS), highlighted that the 7th edition of ICAMR provides an ideal platform, bringing together healthcare professionals from around the world to address the pressing challenges of antibiotic resistance and share the latest research and innovations in antimicrobial treatments.

The conference will also provide participants with a perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge as well as experiences and adopt fresh therapeutic strategies.

Amid warnings from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that antibiotic resistance causes 700,000 deaths annually-a figure projected to surge to 10 million by 2050-the 7th edition of the ICAMR emerges as a crucial initiative in
raising awareness and enhancing medical competencies to tackle this looming global health crisis.

Source: Emirates News Agency