Tuesday, 18/2/2020 | 12:21 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Sarraj: We hope Koni to reverse his resignation.

Tripoli, President of the Presidency Council of the GNA, Fayez Saraj expressed hope that Vice-President Musa Koni would reverse his resignation decision, stressing that he is continuing his communications with Koni to convince him to reverse his resignation expressing regrets over the decision. Saraj praised the patriotism of Koni saying; we all bear witness to his patriotism,. neutrality and spirit of consensus and his only concern was the unity of the homeland without personal or regional interests. Saraj said he understands what he described as anger and indignation of Koni due to stumbling of so many matters, pointing out to the hindrance of some bodies that sprang from the political accord and not fulfilling their commitments besides some take individual decisions. Saraj said we have not failed but the challenges are great ones and the surrounding circumstances are extremely difficult, that require us to set together to put national interest over all other considerations. 'Leaving the country in a state of vacuum and withdrawing now will only lead us to more crisis and conflicts' he added. In an address broadcast by Libyan Rassmya TV, Saraj urged members of the House of Representatives , High State Council, and the Political Dialogue Committee to set together to find effective and practical solutions to get out of the crisis and reach the path of hope and stability hoped by all Libyans. Saraj welcomed all national initiatives in line with inclusive national reconciliation, calling on all to work for streamlining and unifying such initiatives to include all effective parties in the Libyan arena and on the ground of the Libyan political accord to emerge with a pure Libyan solution without interventions and dictations. Saraj said Libya is not belonged to a specific geographical area, or specific political direction but to all Libyans where all people enjoy citizenship and equality. Yes for equilibrium, no to quota system, yes for participation and development, no to regional extremism and no to the policies of exclusion and marginalization, only with these themes can we all build our homeland under which all Libyans take shelter where equal opportunities are offered to all. He also talked about efforts made by the Presidency Council for sake of consensus of all Libyan parties, despite all the pressures it is subjected to. Saraj said he was very anxious all the time long not to be a party to a political polarization and military conflicts among the people of the one country. 'All those efforts and meetings we make are for strengthening the principle of consensus and harmony and closing the gap among feuding parties in the country, and narrowing view points among our Libyan brothers, and rallying their ranks east, west and south of the country in a homeland for all and with all irrespective of their affiliations and orientations.

Source: Libya News Agency