Friday, 28/2/2020 | 11:08 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Price Stabilizing Fund Unable to Import Consumer Goods for Ramadan.

Tripoli, The Price Stabilizing Fund 'PSF' is

unable to import consumer goods for the upcoming month of Ramadan,

said the Head of the 'PSF' Jamal Al Sheibani.

In an exclusive interview with the Libyan News Agency, Al

Sheibani said he regretted the fact that the 'PSF' was unable to

provide for consumers in the holy month of Ramadan, indicating that

the Fund hasn't imported any subsidized goods since October 2017,

because the Central Bank of Libya didn't open any letters of credit

in favor of the PSF ever since.

Al sheibani disclosed that goods in the PSF warehouses were a

remainder of the goods imported in the last period.

While the Central Bank is opening letters of credit for private

companies to import food, it failed to do so for PSF, Al Sheibani


He said he regretted the behavior of the Central Bank and its

failure to provide basic goods for the public during the fasting

month of Ramadan.

Source: Libya News Agency