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President of Presidency Council receives credentials of several ambassadors.

President of Presidency Council receives credentials of
several ambassadors.Sunday , 2503201816:22:00

Tripoli, 25 March 2018 (Lana) President of Presidency
Council, Fayez Al sarraj received Sunday credentials of several new
ambassadors to Libya in the presence of the Foreign Minister and his
The ambassadors of Rwanda, Norway, Vatican, Bangladesh, Canada,
Korea and Pakistan handed in their credentials to the President Fayez
Al sarraj.
IN speeches at the ceremony the ambassadors conveyed the
greetings of their head of states, voicing support to the GNA and
efforts of Mr Al sarraj to get the country out of the crisis, and
underscored their countries desire that security and stability be
restored in Libya.
Al Sarraj on his part expressed delight to receive their
credentials, praising the supportive stance of their countries to the
GNA and Libya, pertaining in particular the message of the Vatican
calling for peace and tolerance and dialogue. He urged the
ambassadors to work for development and enhancement of the bilateral
relations and contribution of their countries to building and
development, as Libyans look forward to drive the wheel of the
economy as of this year.