Tuesday, 11/8/2020 | 6:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Placing final arrangements for Taurgha-Misrata accord before ratification of Presidency Council.

Tripoli, The broad meeting held by Taurgha-Misrata dialogue committee in Tripoli Tuesday focused on putting final arrangements for the dialogue before signing the final agreement and its ratification by the presidency Council. Emphasis were made during the meeting on implementing items of the agreement after the signing to serve the interests of the two cities which are linked by neighborhood ties, the Communications and Media Department reported. The two parties agreed to conclude initiatives that would consolidate the agreement in the coming days and aim at rallying efforts. The two parties praised the efforts made in the recent months to realize interests of the two cities. The Communications and Media Department quoted the head of Taurgha Local Council;, Abdulrhman Chakchak as emphasizing that today's meeting aimed at putting the final touches on the agreement before its ratification. It said 2016 was a year of an endless work between Misrata municipality and Taurgha local council such as convening meetings and visits to Misrata to close the file and realize reconciliation.

Source: Libya News Agency