Wednesday, 29/1/2020 | 8:47 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Msahel Hails Libyans Commitment to Peace Away From Foreign Intervention.

Algiers-- THE Algerian Minister in Charge of Maghreb, African Union and Arab League Affairs Abdul Gader Msahel has hailed what he called a commitment by the people of Libya to restoring peace in their country away from foreign intervention. 'There is strong will in the Libyans to go for peace, we sensed that among ordinary people as well as politicians, and today I think our job not to intervene in their internal business, Msahel said after meeting the Head of UN Support Mission in Libya Martin Kobler. 'The solution should come from Libya, only then our role should be to lend support, Msahel said. Msahel said he noted during the tour he had in Libyan cities recently that 'life was normal in all the cities that I visited, people go about their business and it isn't the picture often circulated in the media.'

Source: Libya News Agency