Friday, 5/6/2020 | 5:15 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

More Than 174,000 Persons From 74 Nationalities Fleeing Libya Crossed Ras Jedir Border Post

More than 147,000 persons from 74 nationalities, including 12,300 Egyptians crossed the Ras Jedir border post since the outbreak of the crisis and violence in Libya, TAP news agency correspondent in the region noted, Monday.
The flocking of persons, particularly Libyan families, escaping the degradation of the security situation in Libya continued, Monday, in the Ras Jedir post (Governorate of Medenine), on the border with Libya.
The pace of arrivals of Egyptian slowed down insofar as their entry in Tunisia is related to the schedule of air flights made for their evacuation towards Egypt, according to a security source.
In the Ras Jedir crossing point, between 600 and 700 Egyptians stayed in the border zone pending their entry in Tunisia. Since the start of the crisis, nationals from other countries, including Indonesians, Thai and Indians crossed the Ras Jedir border post.
More than 500 Indians were evacuated by two air flights towards their countries from DjerbaZarzis international airport.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse