Wednesday, 12/8/2020 | 3:12 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Mi’tig Discuss Development of the South.

Tripoli, The Deputy Head of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Ahmed Mi'tig yesterday met a number of MPs representing the southern region as well as Badad Gonsou the Minister of Local Government, members of the National Program for Development of the South and notables and wise men from the region. The national program for development of the South was discussed at the meeting which was held at the GNA headquarters in Tripoli. This program need to be considered financially and legally by specialists and experts in the region, Mi'tig said. Libya has gone through difficult time during the last 4 years, he said. The Presidency Council strives to upgrade the South in 2017 by rebuilding institutions to get the country from the transition period to stability , he said.

Source: Libya News Agency