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Libyan National Forums launched in Zaura and Benghazi.

Libyan National Forums launched in Zaura and Benghazi.Thursday , 0504201822:12:00

Tripoli, 5 April 2028(Lana) The UN sponsored Libyan National Forums
launched Thursday in Zaura and Benghazi.
Mediation officer at Humanitarian Dialogue Centre told Lana the
gathering would discuss four themes which UNSMIL head talked such as
Political accord amendment, constitution, and Libyan National Forum.
The gathering is open to all segments of Libyan society and from all
On goals of the gathering, he explained that it tries to reach
minimum consensus on several issues being Libyan- Libyan dialogue
inside Libya.
He said the gathering would be held across Libya without exception to
enable all segments to engage in candid dialogue to narrow view
He said head of UNSMIL would talk part in the dialogue.