Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 9:22 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Koni: calls on HoR to convene public session to amend Constitutional Declaration.

Tripoli-Vice-president, of the Presidency Council, Musa Koni has called on the House of Representatives to convene fully quorum public session to amend the Constitutional Declaration and include the political agreement before voting on the government. Al Koni stated in a televised interview with Libya Panorama TV that delay by the House of Representatives in fulfilling its due task would lead to political vacuum. He said without ending the constitutional declaration and inserting the political accord, with the three bodies, there would be no legitimacy to any party. He stressed the need to put in place a clear vision for the next phase, to end the current transitional phase with the end of next year at the latest by either holding a referendum on the constitution as concluded by the Constitutional Assembly in Salala, or by finding other alternatives that allow for conducting elections by end of next year, or by using the Tunisian model and founding the Constituent Assembly with the task of electing president and drafting down the constitution that would allow the Libyan people conduct election before the end of the year. He said within this context, mechanisms to reach power should be through referendum of the Libyan people. It called on all to comply with the will of the Libyan people and the ballot box. He said else of HoR to grant a vote of confidence to the government adversely affected the performance of the presidency council. He explained that many ministers did not join it because of non vote of confidence. He said the government is the executive arm of the presidency Council and the inability to implement due to absence of the executive body which is the government and accumulation of problems such as cash crisis.

Source: Libyan News Agency