Thursday, 24/9/2020 | 9:10 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italy rules out military intervention in Libya.

Tripoli, Italy has ruled out any military intervention in Libya, renewing its support to the GNA in its fight against terrorism. The emphasis were made by Italian Foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni in a statement in Rome Tuesday. Gentiloni said there is no intention of military intervention in Libya, and that the Libyans are the ones who would fight Daesh terrorist organization. " In the next few weeks the Libyans would ask for our help in training fields, and we are committed to offer support and help' he added. The Italian senior government official explained that the message carried by Vienna conference is that there would be no military intervention and the Libyans are the ones who would fight terrorism, stressing that the country would be united and disputes and divisions would not be fueled.

Source: Libyan News Agency