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Increased “turmoil and lawlessness” in Libya

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A girl looks out of her house window in Benghazi, Libya. Photo: UNSMIL

Increased turmoil and lawlessness is spreading across Libya due to the broadening political crisis, according to the UN Human Right Office, OHCHR.

A new report to be presented to the UN Human Right Council in March documents numerous incidents of targeted violence against civilians, including children.

Unlawful killings have reportedly been commonplace.

Stephanie Coutrix reports.

Harassment, torture, abductions, assassinations and executions.

The newest OHCHR report on the human rights situation in Libya in 2014 highlights what the agency calls the “extreme vulnerability” of people in the country.

Libya has been plagued by factional fighting since Muammar al-Qhadafi was overthrown in a popular uprising nearly four years ago.

While there have been attempts at ceasefires and political dialogue, OHCHR says civilians continue to be victims of indiscriminate artillery and air attacks.

Footage appearing to show a number of beheadings in Benghazi and Derna also emerged last November.

Rupert Colville, Spokesperson for OHCHR, has more on the report.

“It paints a bleak picture of increasing turmoil and lawlessness, fanned by a multitude of heavily armed groups amid a broadening political crisis. Rampant violence and fighting, including in the country’s two biggest cities, Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as many other cities and towns across the country, is badly affecting civilians in general and a number of specific groups in particular.”

Those groups include many women, especially female human rights defenders, politicians and other women in public positions.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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