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HoR delivers ten-day ultimatum to NAG.

HoR delivers ten-day ultimatum to NAG.Tuesday , 26-01-2016 – 19:49:00

to reconsider the formed government. Tripoli, 26.01.2016(Lana) House of Representatives delivered a ten-day ultimatum to NAG to reconsider the formed National Accord Government, requesting the (NAG) to reduce the number of ministerial portfolios. According to a parliamentary source the HoR voted Monday for a non-confidence vote on the National Accord Government (NAG) by 87 out of 104 votes who attended the session. The HoR granted the Presidential Council ten days to amend the government. The new government formed by Faiz al-Saraj comprised 32 ministerial portfolios. The formation of the National Accord government was based on the UN sponsored political accord signed by Libyan parties to dialogue in December 17 in Sukhirat, , Morocco. =Lana=