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Health Care development project launched.

Health Care development project launched.Tuesday , 1303201815:48:00

Tripoli, 13 March 2018 (Lana) Health Care development project
was launched Tuesday to develop primary health care across the
country to improve in collaboration with the UK and World Health
Organization during 20 months.
The launching of the project which will start in six health care
centers across the country, was attended by Minister of Health, Omar
bashir Al Taher, The UN envoy, Ghassan Salama, and the political
coordinator of the British embassy in Tripoli, the director of WHO’s
Libya office, Deputy Minister of Health, he4ad of departments at the
The project is designed to improve primary health care to offer
good health services.
It is also designed to enhance effective planning capacity of the
Ministry of Health to implement primary health care services,
enhance community’s support to health programmes and partnership with
health care system at local level.
The project targets the training of 300 doctors, 600 nurses, and
100 administrative staff on effective planning and offering high
equality services.
Libya has 1355 health care centres of which 1082 work either
fully or partially, and 273 centres are not functioning.


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