Thursday, 12/12/2019 | 6:31 UTC+0
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Donald Trump is the real deal

Hillary Clinton is the political mask of the corporate face of America, but Donald Trump is the real deal.

A spectre is hovering high over the United States - the spectre of a Trump presidency. All the elders of the Republican Party have now entered into a frightful alliance to disown and exorcise this spectre. But the goblin listens to no one, as millions of xenophobic, angry, "poorly educated" (as Trump proudly calls his own supporters), mostly white men and women storm around him, raising their right hands "Sieg Heil" style and pledging allegiance.

"In an extraordinary display of Republican chaos," CNN reports, "the party's most recent presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain, lambasted current frontrunner Donald Trump on Thursday, calling him unfit for office and a danger for the nation and the GOP [Grand Old Party]."

The cause for fear is self-evident: "GOP hawks declare war on Trump," according to reports, "Prominent Republican hawks are debating whether to hold their noses and vote for Clinton instead."

Corporate skin, political masks

What is the difference between Trump and Clinton? This is the critical question the US voters face this year, but not the world at large, for which Trump promises to do more of what Clinton and all Democrat and Republican presidents before her have already done and continue to do to the world.

The difference between Trump and Clinton is the difference between commodity and branding. Trump is the real face of corporate America, Clinton its mask. In choosing Donald Trump, Americans are choosing corporate America instead of its representative Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is the real deal, Hillary Clinton is the camouflage.

Source: Al Jazeera