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Coast guard rescues 100 illegal migrants.

Coast guard rescues 100 illegal migrants.Monday , 0705201822:08:00

Sabratha, 7 May 2018(Lana) Coast guard rescued Monday 100 illegal
migrants who were on inflated boat,20miles north of Sabratha.
Navy spokesman explained that the rescued migrants including 11 women
of various nationalities such as Tunisian, Algerian, Bengalese,
Moroccan and other African nationalities.
Among the migrants were 18 Libyans. The migrants were transferred to
Tripoli Naval Base, where they were offered medical and humanitarian
Navy spokesman said the coast guard rescued the 406 migrants
including 70 women and 22 children who were on board three inflated
boats north of Qarabolli.
The migrants hold Tunisian, Egyptian, Bengali and other African
nationalities and were delivered to a refugee detention centre.