Arab League at Paris Conference: We are committed to unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya.

Cairo, The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Abu Al Ghait, affirmed that the Paris International Conference on Libya represents an important and decisive point to create positive momentum for the interest Libyans.

‘Our continuous follow-up to developments in the Libyan issue calls us to be optimistic and filled with hope, but it is also tinged with a degree of anxiety, Abul Gheit said before the Paris International Conference on Libya.

Optimism is motivated by the state of stability, which we support and hope it continues, and the anxiety prompted by the great challenges that have become accompanying the Libyan situation and the fear of its possible repercussions on the course of the political process, he said.

He pointed out that the Arab position always confirms and supports commitment to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya, and rejects all kinds of external interference in its affairs or intrusions - under any name - on its sovereignty, and supports the implementation of the roadmap for the preliminary phase for a comprehensive solution, and fully supports the current unified authority in implementing the entitlements of the current stage until the end of its mandate.

Abul Ghait renewed his call for all international partners to cooperate and provide support for this plan, and to strive seriously towards holding the elections on their scheduled date and valued the positive developments represented in the Joint Military Committee’s agreement on the work plan of the (5+5) Committee for the expulsion of all mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces from Libyan territory.

Source: Libyan News Agency