Thursday, 12/12/2019 | 7:55 UTC+0
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Answer – VP/HR – Confidential talks between US and Russia on the Middle East – E-012183/2015

1. Both on the Ukraine crisis and as regards its long-term interaction with Russia the EU follows a balanced double-track approach — firmness and resilience together with dialogue and outreach. The EU keeps channels of communication with Russian counterparts open on international crises (Iran, Syria-Iraq-Da’esh, Libya) and global issues (climate change, counter-terrorism). Recent discussions with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also covered the fight against terrorism and the Da’esh threat.

2. On the fight against terrorism, the EU is not militarily involved. We actively support the objectives of the Global Coalition to counter Da’esh by a range of non-military measures aiming at reducing the threats of radicalisation and the recruitment of new foreign fighters in European countries as well as halting the flow of revenues to Da’esh.