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Al Saraj Appeals to International Community to Stand by GNA.

Al Saraj Appeals to International Community to Stand by GNA.Tuesday , 17-05-2016 – 16:40:00

Vienna, 17 May 2016(Lana) The Head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Saraj said his government has started implementing a clear plan which gives priority to security, national reconciliation, economic recovery, social justice, reform and international cooperation. In remarks before the ministerial conference on Libya which was held here on Monday, Al Saraj said ‘we will begin with security, and preserve the sovereignty and unity of Libya, and this will provide the corner stone of any political and economic progress and restructuring of our armed forces. ‘The international community has a duty to Libya, Al saraj said, adding ‘Libya was let down in 1911 by the international community which paved the way for intervention by some countries in the Libyan business and led us to where we are today.’ He called on the international community to help Libya by engaging with the legitimate institutions in accordance with the political agreement. ‘I say to all Libyans, no group or region will be able to control Libya, we have learn quickly the art of political reconciliation in this new era with this uniting government’, he said. =Lana=