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Libyan Newswire

Written question – VP/HR – Stability in Libya – E-001918/2016

The situation in Libya is disturbing. Neighbouring failed states represent a real threat to the EU’s security and stability, and just across the Mediterranean anarchy, chaos and violence are spreading. Because of the growing instability and insecurity, oil-rich Libya could be considered a failed state. In light of the country’s complicated political situation, the UN has been pushing both governments (one in Tripoli and one in Benghazi) to form a unity government. Under the Libyan Political Agreement the new cabinet will have a significant chance of restoring stability and peace in a war‐torn country. The EU recognises the fact that only a stable government enjoying widespread backing throughout the country will ultimately be able to address the serious challenges Libya is confronted with, but on the other hand the country needs strong international support.

1. What steps is the VP/HR taking to assist the UN Support Mission in Libya and to facilitate the formation of the Government of National Accord?

2. If a national unity government is formed, how will the EEAS assist and support the future institution-building process in the country?