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Written question – EU expenditure entailing payments to NGOs – E-003936/2017

Together with Frontex, many NGOs are involved in finding and helping migrants who cross the water from Libya to the EU. However, the actions of these NGOs are often questionable. For example, negative reports concerning NGOs have recently appeared in the news because:

They have hampered the Libyan coastguard, in which connection human traffickers shot at the coastguard(1).
The Italian public prosecutions department has accused them of cooperating with human traffickers who help migrants to reach the EU.
Evidence has emerged that NGOs have made payments to human traffickers.

1. Can the Commission indicate which NGOs are active in rescue operations in the Mediterranean?

2. Which of these NGOs are subsidised by the EU, for what purposes are the subsidies granted, and are NGOs free to use the subsidies however they see fit?

3. Is the reprehensible conduct of the NGOs grounds for reviewing the granting of the subsidies?

(1) http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/960/Buitenland/article/detail/3154446/2017/05/11/Mensensmokkelaars-schieten-op-Libische-kustwacht.dhtml