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WOMEN: Campaign to end violence against women kicks off

26 Nov 2014

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Many countries have laws to tackle violence against women but very few are actually implementing them, according to a senior UN official. A 16 day campaign to end violent behaviour towards women kicked off on 25 November….the International Day to End Violence against Women. In New York, the iconic Empire State Building and UN headquarters were lit in orange to mark the start of the campaign. Derrick Mbatha sat down with Riet Groenen, from the UN’s gender focused agency, UN Women. She began by explaining the choice of the colour orange.

Haitian girl in training in fields previously allotted only to men. (UNifeed video capture)

Young Haitian girls empowered through jobs traditionally reserved for men

Young Haitian girls are being empowered through a project which trains them to do jobs traditionally reserved for men. The Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI) supported by the World Bank seeks to ensure that these girls enter the work force with skills and experience. Many of them are from low-income families, are 17 to 20 years old and have not completed secondary school. Stephanie Castro reports.

Omobola Johnson. (ITU video capture)

A woman in in technology is “quite alone”

The relatively few women who work in the technology sector across the world are in a position to influence how information and communication technologies can be used to empower women. So says the Minister of Communications and Technology of Nigeria, who recently attended an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) meeting in Busan, South Korea. Omobola Johnson said more needs to be done to close the digital divide between men and women which she described as “so wide”. She shared her views about women in technology with Maximillian Jacobson-Gonzalez.

Presenter: Daniel Dickinson

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