Thursday, 12/12/2019 | 3:06 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Western Support for New Libyan Government, Threat to Punish Rejecters of Reconciliation

Paris, 14 March 2106(Lana) The United States, France, Italy, UK, Germany on Sunday called on the new government in Libya to be promptly established in Tripoli, threatening opponents of reconciliation with sanctions which the Europeans were expected to discuss in Brussels on Monday. US Secretary of State John Kerry said after a meeting Paris with his British, German, Italian, and French counterparts 'we call on Libyan public institutions to facilitate transition of power in a peaceful orderly manner, so that the new Libyan leaders can function from the capital.' Italy's Foreign Minister Paolo Gentelone said the support the national unity government of Fayez Al Saraj from a group of Libyan politicians should be translated into concrete steps for the Government to be based in Tripoli.' The UN-backed Libyan Presidential Council announced Saturday start of government work based on a statement of support issued by a majority of Parliament members, after it failed to secure the confidence of the House. The foreign ministers of the 5 countries meeting in Paris along with the EU Foreign Policy Secretary Federica Mogherini threatened to impose sanctions on standing against the government getting the confidence of Parliament. French Foreign Minister said 'we work with the EU and the United States to adopt prompt sanction if it proved necessary. The Minister were expected to discuss a French call for sanctions. Tomorrow will start the mechanism for enforcing the sanctions

Source: Libya News Agency