Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 4:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Wadan charity fund conducts an aid convoy to displaced people in Qasr-Khyar.

Wadan, - Wadan fund for occasions and charity work in Jufra municipality , had conducted an aid convoy , to the displaced people from Sirt city to Qasr-Khyar area. Fund secretary "Ali Sheikh" said , that these aid are quantities of dates , which has been donated by Wadan residents , in solidarity with their displaced brothers from battle areas. He pointed out , that another aid convoy will be sent to the displaced in Bani-Walid , in which another quantity of dates will be distributed to charities , which are concerned with sheltering orphanages and disabled , as well as to Ramadan food tables in Tripoli city.

Source: Libyan News Agency