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Two Italian citizens and a Canadian released.

Two Italian citizens and a Canadian released.Saturday , 05-11-2016 – 20:59:00

Tripoli, 05.11.2016 – Lana – The efforts of the joint Italian-Libyan security coordination , had led to the release of the two Italian citizens and one Canadian , whom were kidnapped earlier in Ghat city. Vice president of the presidential council of the national accord government ‘NAG’ “Mosa al-Koni” , in an exclusive statement to – Lana – said that the security services in Libya in coordination and cooperation with the Italian side , were able after a process of monitoring and tracking to release the abductees. Al-Koni , in his statement , pointed out the importance of the security cooperation and coordination , among the security services in the country and other countries , to expose all security breaches , and criminal acts , and to bring those perpetrators to justice. At the end of his statement , al-Koni expressed his hope in releasing all the abductees , to return to their families , and to do all efforts to achieve this noble goal. =Lana=