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Tripoli Cornish Warning.

Tripoli Cornish Warning.Sunday , 31-01-2016 – 17:28:00

Tripoli, 31 January 2016(Lana) The Mayor of Tripoli Abdul Raouf Beitul Mal has warned against the deteriorating condition of the Tripoli Cornish which he said was in need for urgent repair. Life expectancy of the Cornish has already expired, and there is a need for collective effort to save it before it collapses which could have devastating affect, Beitul Mal said in a press conference held recently. Analyzing the technical condition of the Cornish and the damage sustained to its infrastructure, Beithul Mal said the Sea front area of Tripoli is threaten as a result of the abuse by Cornish goers including those who drive their own cars on the Cornish, as well as the play grounds erected on its space, all that caused the Cornish structure to erode and water to spread underneath, it is at some points threatened to collapse. The Mayor said the life of the Cornish which provides a space for leisure and refreshment to both inhabitants of the capital and visitors has already expired and is in a dire condition. Life expectancy of the Cornish, he said was between 30 and 35 years. We, in the municipality of Tripoli, will do what we can to save the Cornish by repair and upgrade it, the Mayor said appealing to competent authorities to contribute to this important projects. =Lana=