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Transcript of the Secretary-General’s remarks at joint press conference with Libya Quartet members (English and French), 30 March 2019

SG: Shukran. I'd like first of all to express my deep gratitude to Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, for convening this meeting and for his very strong commitment to strengthen the cooperation among our four organizations.

If is there is a word that defines what I think and feel about Libya today that word is hope.

This is a moment of hope for Libya.

I have hope because I believe that it is possible to have now a Libyan-led political process aiming at the solution of the Libyan problems.

I'm very happy that today we found intensified forms of cooperation among our four organizations to work more and more together in support of a Libyan-led political process to solve the region's problems. It is my hope that the Libyan leaders will understand the enormous responsibility that they have, that they will be able to come together in solutions for the future of Libya, to the benefit of the Libyan people and to the benefit of the whole region as we all know the impact of Libya in the Sahel and many other parts of Africa, even in Europe.

For this hope to materialize it is important to guarantee the success of the next steps that are in our common roadmap. First of all, the Libyan National Conference in which the Libyans themselves will hopefully in two weeks time, be able to define solutions for the outstanding political progress that still exist in order to create the conditions to unify the Libyan institutions and to move forward.

Second, the conference of peace and reconciliation to take place in Addis Ababa in the head of the African Union, which we believe will create all the conditions to consolidate this movement enlarging it to the whole of the Libyan society, and finally, according to the decision of the Libyans themselves the necessary elections for the different bodies at the right moment for the country to re-establish a normal political life. We will be working together much more strongly and have agreed on different mechanisms to consolidate our cooperation.

We'll be working together much more strongly to support the Libyans for the success of the political process in Libya to the benefit of the Libyan people and to the benefit of global peace and security.

Question: The situation in Libya is very complicated. How will the EU and the UN install a democracy?

SG: Nous ne negligeons pas les difficultes, mais c'est vrai qu'il y a A� mon avis une fenA�tre d'opportunite trAs importante. Si on regarde par exemple la reunion historique entre Monsieur Haftar et Monsieur Sarraj recemment A� Abu Dhabi.

Et en mA�me temps, il faut dire que ce n'est pas seulement la Libye. Dans un monde oA� il y a enormement de conflits, dans un monde oA� il y a de mauvaises nouvelles, je sais, tous les jours un peu partout, il y a un vent d'espoir qui souffle.

Regardez l'Ethiopie et l'Erythree. Ils ont fait un accord de paix, aprAs une dizaine d'annees. Regardez la Somalie et l'Erythree, maintenant la cooperation excellente entre deux gouvernements et deux pays qui avaient une situation trAs compliquee il y a quelques annees.

Regardez l'accord de paix signe avec la mediation de l'Union africaine en Republique Centrafricaine avec l'appui des Nations Unies, avec 14 groupes armes dans une situation que beaucoup de gens pensaient complAtement impossible.

Regardez meme le fait que Silva Kiir et Riek Machar ont signe un accord de paix avec toutes les difficultes et que l'organisation regionale africaine l'IGAD, avec l'appui de l'Union africaine et des Nations Unies, fait tout pour que cet accord puisse A�tre concretise dans la pratique.

Si on voit par exemple que des situations qui se sont prolongees pendant longtemps la Guinee-Bissau: les elections ont finalement ont eu lieu d'une facon complAtement normale.

Les peuples commencent A� monter A� leurs dirigeants que qu'ils veulent la paix. Et je crois que s'il y a quelque chose qui me donne de l'espoir en Libye c'est le fait que le peuple libyen, et les centaines de millions qui sont [inaudible] le demontrent, le peuple libyen pense que ca suffit, qu'il faut la paix et qu'il faut qu'un pays riche puisse assurer A� leurs citoyens la prosperite A� laquelle ils ont droit.

Question: Don't you find it premature to talk about hope as long as the divide continues between east and west?

SG: I believe that what is new is that we see signs that an understanding is possible exactly to overcome the contradictions that you just raised. It's not for us to define, because we're not Libyans, so the Libyans themselves define the precise definition of the solution, but we see signs that the contradictions that you have noted, for the first time has the possibility to be overcome.

Source: UN Secretary-General