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Trading Humans in Libya and Middle East

Event date: – 06 Sep 18

Thursday 6 September 2018
room ASP1G2

Trading Humans in Libya and Middle East


– 06 Sep 18


9:00 — 13:00

Trading Humans in Libya and Middle East​

Libya is the main transit point for refugees and migrants trying to reach Europe. In each of the last three years, 150,000 people have made the dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean sea from Libya.
The situation in Middle East doesn’t seem to be any better.  As we enter the eighth year of this ruinous war in Syria, it is unacceptable to see calls from humanitarian organizations to put an end to the violence, suffering, and devastation of Syrian people go unheeded.
Investigative Journalists, NGOs, survivors and other organizations/institutions will have the floor over the morning of the meeting.

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