Tajani visit to Niger: we must support and expand Niger’s well-functioning model to reduce irregular migration flows

“Niger plays a key role to drastically reduce irregular migrants’ flows to Libya and the EU. My visit to Niamey aims at strengthening our partnership with this country, discussing how the EU can promote investments and make more funds avail… Continue Reading

Tajani visit to Niger: 95 percents decrease in migration flows to Libya and Europe thanks to EU partnership and funds – President to visit Niamey with entrepreneurs, researchers and international organisations

”Through financial support and a strong partnership, the European Union has helped Niger to reduce migratory flows to Libya and the EU by over 95%. In 2016, 330,000 people crossed Niger primarily directed to Europe via Libya. In 2017, this number went… Continue Reading

Tajani visit to Libya: Stability in Libya means stability in Europe – The EU must focus its efforts on reconstruction and democratisation

Press ReleaseBrussels09-07-2018“Stability in Libya means stability in Europe. The European Union must speak with one voice and all our efforts must be aimed at supporting the reconstruction of a state so that it becomes a strong partner. The Euro… Continue Reading