Sudan, Egypt discuss cooperation in geology


Cairo, Ahmed Haroun Al Tom, the Director General of the Public Corporation for Geological Research and Geologist Advisor, held a joint discussion session with Dr. Zeinhom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Nasr Mining Company, in the presence of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), aiming to deliberate on ways of cooperation between Sudan and Egypt in the field of research work, exchange of experiences, evaluation, production and marketing of industrial minerals.

According to Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Dr. Zeinhom expressed their desire to import industrial minerals from Sudan, which are (talc, kaolin, quartz, and manganese).

Al Tom affirmed their readiness to carry out the study, evaluation and production of industrial raw materials, and to sign an agreement on joint marketing with Al Nasr Company in accordance with the agreed upon standards and specifications.

Al Tom explained that the step came within the framework of the policy of the Ministry of Minerals aiming at production expansion and dive
rsification, besides the creation of added value and creation of marketing outlets that enable providing of foreign currencies, the introduction of technologies and equipment that help raise the efficiency of the national staff.

Source: Bahrain News Agency