Stephanie Williams: John Bolton Who Gave The Green Light To Attack Tripoli.

(LANA) - The former UN envoy to Libya, "Stephanie Williams," revealed that the former US National Security Adviser, "John Bolton", was the one who gave the "green light" about four days before the attack on Tripoli on the 4th of April 2019, when he told his addresser: (If you want to do so, do it quickly and reduce the civilian casualties ... which gave the impression that he would walk easily to Tripoli.)

This came in an interview with Stephanie, who was an official at the US State Department before assuming the UN position in Libya, published on Friday by the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, publishing in the British capital, in which it said: (The new Libyan government has a "great opportunity" to lead the country to holding elections on the 24th Next December and the implementation of the "road map" emanating from the Libyan dialogue, pointing out that there are challenges and that "the biggest challenge is the lust for power and wealth" that some people have.

Stephanie said "The power and weakness of the government in Libya are relative ... The current government has power in an area that does not go beyond the center of Tripoli. At least, in the new government, there is Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, he has traveled all over Libya and the world, there are representatives from the east in it. The active forces do not oppose what is happening. There is also support from the international community and regional states for them. Therefore, there is more opportunity than beforeā€.

Williams revealed that the United Nations team took advantage of the "military stalemate" to push matters towards a cease-fire on October 23, noting that among the important factors in the success of the Libyan dialogue is "the Libyan government's rejection of the foreign presence in their country."

Source: Libyan News Agency