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South Sudanese leaders need to put nation first

22 Dec 2014

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Refugees at Yida refugee camp in South Sudan’s Unity State queue for hours for food and soap. As the camp swells and disease takes a toll, aid agencies are working to raise awareness about proper hygiene
© Hannah McNeish/IRIN

Political leaders in South Sudan should make the needs of the nation a priority rather than putting their personal ambition first, according to a commentator on the African country.

South Sudan has suffered a year of internal conflict as government forces continue to battle rebels loyal to a deposed former Vice-President.

Close to two million people have been displaced.

James Copnall, is a journalist and the author of the book “A poisonous thorn in my heart” which focuses on the aftermath of South Sudan’s independence from Sudan.

Sebit Ker William has been speaking to Mr Copnall.

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