Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 9:02 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

‘Situation in Libya Challenges U.S. for More Than One Reason,’ Says Lamamra

Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra, stressed Tuesday in Oran that the situation in Libya, a neighboring country plagued for years by an internal crisis, challenges all African countries for more than one reason.

“The situation in Libya is a source of deep concern and challenges us for many reasons,” he said at the first day of the 2nd High-level seminar on peace and security in Africa.

Referring to the crises and conflicts in Africa, Lamamra stressed the dialogue between Libyans is the “only way to achieve national reconciliation,” highlighting the efforts of the UN and the action developed by the AU and the countries of the region on the initiative of Algeria, to help Libyans to engage in a dialogue process.

As for Mali, Lamamra stated the situation witnessed “encouraging developments”, stressing that the process of negotiations in Algiers, whose 4th stage was held last November, is a “real opportunity that the Malian parties seized to reach a comprehensive peace agreement.

He said, moreover, that the Ebola virus that is crippling African countries, amplifies security constraints, peace and development in the continent.

“The epidemic of Ebola is a threat to African countries. It has social, economic and human impacts, amplifying the already heavy constraints on peace, security and development in Africa,” regretted the minister.

He reiterated, in this regard, Algeria’s solidarity and commitment towards the countries affected by the epidemic, noting that these countries are making efforts, often in difficult conditions.

Source : Algerie Presse Service