Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 9:06 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Situation calm in Zawia.

Zawia,-Local sources in Zawia told Lana that the situation in Zawia are calm and stable while cease fire agreement observed. Mayor of Zawia, Abdulkareem Al Abah said in press statements that life returned to normality in the city. Shops opened their doors, and economic activities are back to normal, and all roads are open, he added. In another development, several people of Zawia organized a protest at Martyrs square in which they supported the ceasefire agreement in the city and called for upholding it. All Zawia Tribe chiefs including from the two belligerent tribes took part in the protest. The ceasefire agreement provides for withdrawing all military vehicles and handing over the wanted individuals from both parties to neutral party. In case, it is not possible to hand them over tribal cover should be lifted. The people of Zawia breathed the sigh of relief after four days of bloody clashes that left scores either killed or injured, and displacement of families from the city and damages to buildings. Deputy chief of Zawaia wise men council, Adel Osman said the reached agreement was mediated by High Reconciliation Council, Kikla and Esaba delegations and Kawrghali tribe being a neutral tribe, after two days of concerted efforts.

Source: Libyan News Agency